Poker Strategy: How to Size Your Bets

When it comes to betting in the card game known as poker, there are two reasons.

  1. The player want to improve the value of the pot.
  2. The player is bluffing.

A player who bets without either of these goals in mind will soon be without chips. This article intends to go into better detail on these two reasons and give a general breakdown of when it is okay to pursue them. New players to poker should realize that even just calling, rather than raising, is considered a bet.

Betting for Value

The most basic reason to bet for value is because the player feels his hand can win. One of the best scenarios to bet for value is when playing against several beginners. Because bluffing is only viable against players who understand the rules and winning hands, the person can feel confident everyone is playing with the cards they have.

Betting to Bluff

The most basic reason to bluff is to get other players, ideally ones with better hands than the bluffer, to fold. Calling a known bet does not pressure the other players, meaning very few are likely to fold. Three-quarters of all poker hands became winning hands because one person bet and everyone else folded. Because poker is a game of skill and reading skill, bluffing tends to fall apart against beginners…



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