Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity for You

So, you want to volunteer. With all of the charities and organizations out there, choosing a cause can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re having trouble sifting through all of the calls to action, here are a few ways to narrow down your options and find a best-fit volunteering opportunity.

Understand why you want to volunteer

Are you new to a city and looking for friends with similar interests? Are you totally passionate about a specific cause? Are you looking for ways to give back to the community? Understanding the “why” behind your drive to be philanthropic can help you find the best-fit opportunity in your area. Volunteer programs come in all shapes and sizes—some are highly interactive and interpersonal, which can be great for extroverts; others require a more low-key approach and limited face-to-face time, a benefit to introverts. If you’re looking for friendly faces, a night at a soup kitchen or a community get-together are two fun options. If the social aspect of volunteering doesn’t interest you, shelving at a library or working with shelter animals might be something to try.


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