Online Therapy Resources for Kids in Need

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health, including our children. The social isolation brought on by social distancing, as well as the loss of activities kids looked forward to, such as sports seasons, the school play, or prom, has led to a negative impact on our kid’s health. In many places, mental health treatment is backlogged or it is too expensive for many families. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best resources that your child can use to get the mental health help and support that they need right now.

TeenCounseling: TeenCounseling is run by mental health professionals and it helps teach teens coping skills and strategies to help them deal with everyday challenges such as relationship drama or school. The site also has private “therapy rooms” where teens can talk to a trained counselor via messaging, live chats, video calls, or phone calls.

Synergy eTherapy: This company will match your child with a trained therapist in your state where they can talk about any problems they are facing, as well as get support for mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Synergy eTherapy also gives your child a free consultation and you can buy one session at a time with no commitment required.

Talkspace: Talkspace is one of the most well-known online therapy sites and children as young as 13 can talk to one of the sites 3,000+ licensed therapists. This site can pair your child with an expert in a specific area, such as depression or trauma, and they also offer a plan where your child can message their therapist on a secure connection at any time of the day or night.

Doctor On Demand: Doctor On Demand has both psychologists and psychiatrists on board that can help you and your child during this time. They also have doctors trained to help children with conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction, as well as trauma, loss, and stress. This company also offers an easy and free assessment.

Amwell: Amwell is great if you have younger children because while most online therapy sites only see children aged 13 and older, children as young as 10 can receive help from Amwell’s live video chats. In some locations, Amwell also offers family therapy, which may be beneficial if your family is going through an issue such as divorce or loss.

MDLIVE: This site will allow your child to talk to a certified counselor or psychiatrist on a live video appointment. You will also be able to see the biographies and pictures of potential therapists so that you are able to choose a therapist that you think will be the best fit for your child. Psychiatrists on this site can also write prescriptions if they feel your child needs one.

7 Cups: 7 Cups has a free teen support room where teens can chat with other teens who are going through similar issues. They also have “trained listeners,” where your child can talk about whatever is on their mind and they will get an emotionally supportive response. Note- This site does not have mental health professionals, so it should not be used in replacement for a kid with a mental illness- instead it should be used for a child who just needs someone to talk to.

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