Validating Your Children’s Negative Feelings

A child should not be scolded or ignored when dealing with negative feelings. A child needs to feel heard and understood. It is important for parents to learn how to validate their children’s negative feelings so that they can better connect with those children and always be there for them.

Avoid Trying to Make a Child Quickly be Quiet and Good:

There are times when a parent will get frustrated with an upset child and they will be tempted to tell that child to calm down and be good. Trying to shut off a child’s feelings is not going to work, and it may make the situation worse. It is important for parents to be patient with their children and to know that it might take them time to work through their negative feelings.

Let a Child Know that Frustrations are a Part of Adult Life, Too:

If a parent can empathize with their child, they can help that child. When a parent sees their child dealing with canceled plans or some other negative situation, they can let their child know that they understand what they are feeling because they deal with frustrations like that in their adult life.

Calmly Get a Child Out of a Public Space When They are Upset:

It can be scary for a parent to be out in public when their child falls apart. The parent who is trying to help a child deal with negative feelings while in a public space should stay calm and try to get their child away from strangers who might stare at them or try to step in. Parents should quietly and calmly work their way out of the public space so that they can talk with their child.

Help a Child Express Their Feelings:

Some children will express their negative feelings vocally and others would rather do that by drawing a picture. A parent needs to know their child to know how to help that child express their feelings.

Validating a Child’s Negative Feelings is Important and Doable:

A parent should look their child in the eye and let them know that they are heard. Those who validate their children’s feelings will build connections with those children.

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