Positive Parenting Books to Read

Positive parenting focuses on building a positive relationship with your kids while still maintaining the rules and structure of your household. In this parenting style, you let your children have a say in the decisions being made. Positive parenting books show parents how to understand their kids better to communicate more clearly and reduce stress on both ends. The following are some great positive parenting books to read.

Positive Discipline

This book describes positive parenting techniques for different age groups, including toddlers, older kids, and teens. Some of the important takeaways from this book are being an understanding parent and teaching your children why you’re making certain rules in your household. The book emphasizes having mutual respect between the child and the parent.

The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed

This book focuses on how important it is for your kids to fail in life and learn from their mistakes. For them to have this opportunity, you must let go of certain responsibilities that could lead to them failing. Your children’s mistakes will help them understand how the world works, making their future interactions more successful.

How to Talk, so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk

This book offers a guide for parents on effective communication with their kids. The positive parenting advice from this book is to get your children involved in the decisions being made in your household, which includes what they will eat, wear, and more. Also, don’t ask too many questions because it will make them angry or resentful of you.

You’re Not the Worst Mommy

The important points to note from this book are that you do not have to discipline your children every time they misbehave and that your children will make mistakes. Instead, you should always tell your kids how much you love them and be grateful for all the wonderful things they do.

The Parenting Journey

The authors Robert J. MacKenzie and Jean E. Dumasshare several techniques in this book that will help ease the stress between you and your child. The authors believe strongly in positive reinforcement when your kids are good, so they know what you expect from them. This book is great for parents that want their children to be more independent while still maintaining some level of control.

Positive parenting books are a great resource for parents who want to grow their relationships with their kids while establishing rules and boundaries. Reading these books will give you ideas that will help improve your communication skills with your children so everybody can be happier in the end.

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