The Best Parenting Books For 2022

Parenting isn’t easy, and some people never perfect it. Being a parent is a constant learning process, and it can be difficult figuring out how to approach each new and unique challenge that comes your way. A great way to learn more about being a parent is to read a good book on the subject. There are hundreds of awesome parenting books out there that are dedicated to not only giving helpful advice but sometimes also entertaining you. With so many great parenting books out there, I decided I’d talk about a few great ones, so you’d have someplace to start. Here are some of the best parenting books worth your time in 2022.

Positive Discipline – Jane Nelsen

Positive discipline is a parenting principle that focuses on having mutual respect and encouraging positive guidance. It doesn’t involve punishment and instead encourages learning.

Nelsen works with parents and teachers to make sure that their kids are both kind and firm. She believes that this type of discipline can help children develop their creativity and self-discipline.

No Bad Kids – Janet Lansbury

Lansbury’s approach to parenting is focused on treating children with respect, and she doesn’t use a time-out approach. She also values interactions with kids and uses gentle and caring responses to manage situations.

The title of her book suggests that everything she talks about is focused on avoiding shaming kids. No Bad Kids will teach parents how to discipline their kids in a way that doesn’t involve harsh words and emotional reactions.

The book covers a wide range of topics, such as punishment, cooperation, testing, hitting, and more. It’s a great guide for kids in the early stages of development who are expected to test their limits.

Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids – Dr. Laura Markham

Dr. Laura Markham is a popular and highly recommended parenting expert. Her book, which is called Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids, aims to help parents develop strong relationships with their kids.

In her book, she talks about how the mental state of parents can affect their kids. For example, if you’re angry at your child, expect that they’ll respond by shouting. Parents need to work on themselves first to develop a more positive relationship with their kids.

The book will walk you through some of the most common parenting situations, such as not following directions or not listening to your child. It will also help you develop a better understanding of how kids behave.

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