Great YouTube Channels For New Parents In 2022

YouTube has become a popular platform for people to go to when they’re looking to learn more about something. Many people, whether they be professionals or amateurs, have taken it upon themselves to go online and try to teach people how to do things, or share their advice on situations. One topic that I find particularly useful is parenting. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to sharing parenting advice out there, and they’ve helped many first-time parents determine how to approach tough situations they might otherwise struggle with. Here are a few of the best parenting YouTube channels out there.

Smart Parenting

Smart Parenting, which started as a magazine, has since become a popular YouTube channel that focuses on helping parents raise happy and healthy kids. If you’re a parent, you might end up spending a lot of time watching videos about parenting just to keep up with the latest content. Besides being able to provide parents with fun food and crafts ideas, Smart Parenting also has a variety of educational videos that are designed to help moms become more effective parents.


The channel features a variety of videos that are designed to help moms get their confidence up. Each of these videos has been created with the help of some of the best comedic actors in the world. They’re also filled with parodies that will likely make you cry due to how relatable they are. There are also educational videos that are designed to help moms learn how to budget for their kids and get the most out of their baby gear. With over a billion views, WhatsUpMoms has something to prove.

The Parenting Junkie

The Parenting Junkie is a YouTube channel created by Avital, who believes that peaceful parenting is a style that’s appropriate for raising children in today’s world. She aims to help parents raise their kids in a way that’s respectful, simple, and gentle. This channel is perfect for moms who want to raise their kids without the use of punishment, toys, and sticker charts. The Parenting Junkie features a variety of videos that are designed to help parents overcome parenting anxiety, avoid making some of the most common parenting mistakes, and so much more.

The Parenting Channel

If you’re a creative mom who would like to be able to share her creative abilities with her kids, then The Parenting Channel is the account for you. It’s created by Emmy-winning artist and T.V. host, Vida Urbonas, and it features a variety of videos that are designed to help parents raise their kids in a fun and creative way. You’ll find many videos featuring fun and healthy meals, interesting kids’ crafts, fun hairstyle tutorials and so much more.

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