The Best Children’s TV Shows Of 2022

One of the biggest things parents try to figure out as their kids get older is what types of educational and age-appropriate content they can introduce their children to. One of the most popular forms of this content is children’s television shows. With so many channels and streaming services today with great shows scattered amongst them all, you may be unsure of where to start. Well, look no further, as these are some of the best children’s TV shows out there right now.


The Australian animated series “Bluey” has gained a lot of critical and popular acclaim in the US. The titular character, “Bluey”, is a dog living with her dog mother, father, and sister and each episode follows Bluey and her sister Bingo as they play fun and imaginative games that their parents are often eager to join in on. The show has a large focus on how important playing pretend is for a young child’s development, and the show has even won an Emmy, meaning this is a must-watch.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

In “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” Mickey, along with other characters such as Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and more, go on various adventures that help children develop their problem-solving and math skills. This show promotes out-of-the-box thinking and helps kids think about using objects that are commonly found in their daily lives. The show’s famous “hotdog” dance which occurs at the end of each episode is bound to get you and your kids up and moving around too.

Blue’s Clues and You

The modern take on the 90’s classic “Blue’s Clues” is known as “Blue’s Clues & You.” The show features a live-action host, Josh Dela Cruz, who lives in an animated world with his trusty canine companion Blue. Each episode features Josh and Blue going on a hunt for Blue’s pawprint clues, which typically will tell Josh what Blue wants to do that day. Josh speaks to the audience and pauses each time, giving kids a chance to take part in that episode’s adventure while encouraging your children to practice cognitive thinking among other skills.

Doc McStuffins

Disney Jr.’s “Doc McStuffins” has so many wonderful aspects. The main character, who is a young girl named Doc McStuffins, wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a doctor. The McStuffins family, which also includes her dad and her siblings, is African-American, which is a huge plus for diversity in children’s TV shows. Doc is a make-believe veterinarian who runs a clinic in her backyard. She uses her magical stethoscope to bring life to her various stuffed animals, whom she interacts with and helps cure when they’re sick or injured. This show teaches children how to face their fears, follow their dreams, and embrace their differences in a sweet and fun animated romp.

This article was originally published on Jennifer Powers’ Medium!

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