Tips For Getting Your Kids To Fall Asleep Each Night

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent is getting your kids to go to sleep. This is especially true with younger children who may have too much energy for their own good and don’t want to stay in bed at their designated bedtime. Kids need plenty of sleep for their health, and at the end of the day you likely also need a break from the kids. Here are a few tips to help with getting your kids to go to sleep.

Create A Routine

One of the most important factors that you can consider when it comes to getting your kids to sleep is having a bedtime routine that starts at the same time each night. This can help them feel ready to go to sleep. For older kids, this can include a quiet talk with you before bedtime, or some time alone. Maybe you’ll want to start with taking a bath and brushing their teeth an hour before they lay down, followed by a story or something similar. This will help your kids begin to understand that it’s time they start winding down so they can fall asleep.

Be Weary Of Noise and Light

If your kids’ bedroom is noisy or too light, it’s important to check to see if it’s contributing to their lack of sleep. Blue light from electronic devices such as tablets and televisions can affect their melatonin levels and cause them to struggle with falling asleep. Try taking their screens away from them an hour before they go to sleep. Instead, have them read a book, or read to them. Perhaps they can play with their toys. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something quiet that can help them relax in the time leading up to their bedtime.

Consider They’re Eating Schedule

Another thing that can affect your child’s ability to fall asleep is what they’re eating and when they last ate. Going to sleep too full or too hungry can affect not only your child’s ability to fall asleep but their ability to stay asleep. After a certain point in the evening, you’re best off not allowing your children to eat much else. If they do eat something, keep it light so they don’t have a stomach ache, and be sure to think about what you’re giving them. Avoid sweets and other sugary food items, as they tend to get kids quite riled up.

Consider Nap Time

Finally, consider your child’s naps if you’re struggling to get them to go to sleep in the evening. Your child’s naps may be happening too late in the day, or they’re too long, and that’s why they can’t fall asleep. You may need to adjust these times as your children grow, eventually even stopping the naps altogether in order to allow them to sleep through the night.

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