How to Handle Routine Changes During the Holidays

The following strategies will help you create a routine your entire family can stick to during the holidays.

Ironically, people think there is no place for routine during the holidays. When it’s so essential to maintain your family’s routine during the holidays. Doing so can help keep our minds focused on the positive and keep our bodies rested. Our habits can help us keep our homes and families running smoothly.

Schdule vs. Routine

A schedule is a list of various items that can change daily or weekly.

A routine is similar to a rhythm that you and your family follow. You can accommodate it for different events such as holidays and summer break.

Most household schedules change significantly during the school year as well as seasonally.

Some of the most common items in a routine include meal times, bedtimes, and regular family time activities.

Reduce Family Stress

Maintaining a routine throughout the school year and the holidays can be constructive. Doing so will lessen the stress on you and your family.

For instance, you might want to stay in bed a little longer and stop taking evening walks. But a consistent sleep/wake schedule reduces stress, as does exercise.

Make Adjustments Early

It’s important to consider the needs of each member family when it comes to creating a routine. Having a consistent set of rules can help keep your family running smoothly.


Getting enough sleep is crucial for your family’s physical and mental health. It can be challenging to get enough rest, especially during the holidays. Having consistent and good sleep can help keep our families healthy, happy, and running smoothly.

Morning Routine

An excellent habit for your routine and your family is gathering for breakfast. This can help keep everyone’s schedule organized and ensure that all essential items are taken care of by having a chat over breakfast.


Maintain a mealtime by planning for the entire month. A consistent, healthy, and delicious food plan can help keep your family on track and avoid going out all the time.

These tips will help you establish a routine you can stick to throughout the holiday season. We often need our habits the most during stressful times. Having a good family routine can help keep your family on track and stress-free during the holidays.

This blog was previously published on December 22, 2022

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