Tips for Assisting Your Children in College Applications

Getting into college can be very stressful. There are many steps involved in the process, and it can take effort to see the lines between helicopter and helpful parenting. Here are some guidelines that will help you navigate through the process.


One of the most critical factors parents should consider when choosing a college is their student’s desire for a particular experience. Actively listen to the student, ask questions, and repeat the student’s words.


Encourage your child to make their own decisions during the college application stage. They can start by contacting various college admissions teams and creating a pro and con checklist for their preferred schools.


Things have changed since you graduated from high school. As a parent, you should not assume you know everything about college applications. Instead, try to provide your child with as much guidance as possible.


Once the time has come for your child to visit a particular school, they must take advantage of this opportunity. Organizing a family vacation or a special event around the visit is a great idea. In-person visits can be intimidating, so holding a positive event for the student can help ease fears.


Parents can help their child get into college by offering financial support. Although you don’t need to hand over a blank check, having your finances in order can help you secure the necessary funding for their education.


Don’t force your child to choose a particular school or program just because you want them to. Doing so can damage your relationship and negatively affect their chances of getting into a good college.

Other Things to Consider

The college application process is usually due in the student’s senior year. However, you should start the process earlier than that. During this time, you can help your child narrow down the possible schools and find a good fit.

There’s no official rule when it comes to applying to various schools. However, Very Well Family suggests that you consider applying to a few of them while considering different criteria to ensure your child gets accepted.

One of the most important steps parents can take to help their child get into college is to perform a social media audit about their child. This can help prevent potential schools from finding negative information while searching for students online before they send out acceptance letters.

It could be intimidating to help a college-bound student if you didn’t attend. Fortunately, plenty of resources exist to help you navigate this new chapter in your family.

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