Casino Shopping: A New Experience

Are people shopping at Casinos? Believe it or not, casinos are not only about gambling these days. Many casino establishments are revamping their image to cater to a wide variety of consumers. Even though their products are overpriced, visitors are willing to buy despite the cost.

People travel from near and far to get to a casino. They are looking for a way to escape their mundane lives. Often they have saved up a reasonable sum of money to play the part of a high roller. Casino owners are aware of the psychology behind people who go to these places. They have now designed the casinos as a glitzy attraction; they have built malls with high-end luxury items to expand the illusion of wealth and class.

Some of these casinos are building outlets with top brand name companies such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Nike, Steve Maden, and Tommy Hilfiger. The idea behind this type of marketing is to expand their appeal to the international traveler. They come to these casinos to buy the dream. While visitors are living in this illusory world, casino owners are expanding their revenue stream.

The casino at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas are two of those casinos expanding their brand to include high-end malls. They attract top celebrities for entertainment; they have famous chefs for their five-star restaurants and the diamonds in the Pandora jewelry store shimmer in the mall light. People worldwide are dazzled and are willing to dig into their pockets to purchase the dream of being rich. This is not to negate the fact that some of their guests are quite wealthy. These hotels are offering fine wines as well as aesthetic art and dramatic music. Places like MGM Resort is known for its entertainment. The Venetian Hotel offers the gondola ride creating the experience of being in Venice.

Casinos have a new approach to bringing in guests from within the country and from around the world. They showcase the casino experience and the luxury feeling of high-end stores to expand their revenue streams. It’s a pricey way to vacation, but the convenience of everything in one place is worth every penny.

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Popular Poker Games

When you hear “Poker” you may automatically start thinking of the popular game, Texas Hold’em; it’s the variety of poker that is played at the World Series of Poker, and it manages to be both accessible for novice players and complex enough for professionals. However, Texas Hold’em is far from the only poker game out there. There are several other varieties of poker that are played all over the world, and we’re going to take a look at some of them today.

Texas Hold’em

Before we go any further, we should probably discuss Texas Hold’em and how it’s played. In Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt two “pocket” cards that they don’t reveal to the other players. A round of betting occurs, and the dealer deals three community cards. Another round of betting then occurs, and a fourth card is added to the community cards. After another round of betting and an addition of a fifth card, any players that haven’t folded reveal their pocket cards. The player that can make the strongest hand from their pocket cards and the community cards wins the pot.


Omaha is similar to Texas Hold’em in that there are four rounds of betting and players must put together the strongest possible hand from their community cards and pocket cards. The differences are that each player has four pocket cards and the five community cards are immediately revealed. Players make hands from two pocket cards and three community cards.

7-Card Stud

In 7-Card Stud, each player is dealt three cards face down and four cards face up. They must make the strongest five-card hand from these cards…



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Poker Strategy: Hold’em Do’s and Don’ts

Texas Hold’em is a game that takes years of study to practice. The game may seem easy enough when you first begin; however, as you spend more time playing the same, you will see that there is a lot to learn about this card game. Poker isn’t all about luck. There are actual strategies you can put in place to increase your chances of winning. Below are some dos and don’ts for beginners of Texas Hold’em.

Variations of Texas Hold’em

There are three primary types of hold’em: no limit, limit, and pot limit. The most popular of these games is no limit Texas Hold’em. It is fast paced, intense, and dynamic. There will be times during a single session when you are down, and there will be times during the session when you are up. It isn’t unusual to see two people put all their money in the middle during a hand of no limit Texas Hold’em.


Always play the good hands. You don’t have to play until the river, but you should always see the flop, no matter how much the pre-flop raise is. These hands include top pairs like Aces, Kings, and Queens. Ace/King, Ace/Queen, and Ace/Jack should also be played. Some people consider suited connects – two cards of the same suit that follow each other numerically – to be premium hands too.

Position is also important in Hold’em. If you act later in the hand, you may want to branch out on which cards you play. You can get away with playing Ace/ten as a strong hand if you are on the button; you may not want to play Ace/ten so aggressively under the gun though…



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Poker Strategy: The Benefits of a Good Bluff

Bluffing is one of the core techniques for good poker players. It is as much an art as a science, and there are a lot of things to consider for people that want to do it right, but it can also reap big dividends. Understanding the benefits to bluffing is one of the first things that a player must learn if they want to know how to do it properly.

Winning Weak Hands

The single biggest reason to bluff is to turn a losing hand into a winner. After all, the actual value of the hand only matters if the other players call the bluff and play the entire hand rather than folding. Every player is different, and some of them are much more cautious than others, so it is important to read the table to decide if this strategy will work. It is also important not to do it too often to prevent the high bets from looking like the normal strategy. Deciding which dubious hands are worth a bluff is one of the arts of poker, one that is worth mastering.

Win on the Flop

The value of a hand changes as cards are revealed, so, one that looks good early on can turn out to be nearly worthless. Bluffing allows players to take advantage of a strong early hand by making it look like they already have winning cards. Choosing to bluff, under those circumstances, has a lower risk than other bluffs because it remains possible to draw into a superior hand. It can also help to control risk by encouraging the other players to fold, which prevents a lost hand from failing to draw good cards…



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Poker Strategy: How to Size Your Bets

When it comes to betting in the card game known as poker, there are two reasons.

  1. The player want to improve the value of the pot.
  2. The player is bluffing.

A player who bets without either of these goals in mind will soon be without chips. This article intends to go into better detail on these two reasons and give a general breakdown of when it is okay to pursue them. New players to poker should realize that even just calling, rather than raising, is considered a bet.

Betting for Value

The most basic reason to bet for value is because the player feels his hand can win. One of the best scenarios to bet for value is when playing against several beginners. Because bluffing is only viable against players who understand the rules and winning hands, the person can feel confident everyone is playing with the cards they have.

Betting to Bluff

The most basic reason to bluff is to get other players, ideally ones with better hands than the bluffer, to fold. Calling a known bet does not pressure the other players, meaning very few are likely to fold. Three-quarters of all poker hands became winning hands because one person bet and everyone else folded. Because poker is a game of skill and reading skill, bluffing tends to fall apart against beginners…



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