New Parenting Books to Read in 2023

So many things go into being a good parent that it can be hard to keep track of all the details. But, with the help of these resources, you can easily find the answers to some of the most common questions about raising kids.

Due to the steady flow of information that’s available online, it’s hard to keep track of all the necessary resources for parenting.

Although it’s hard to choose just a few favorite parenting books, there are plenty of them you’ll love.

This list of parenting books can help you navigate the various issues you might be facing as a parent.

  1. Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle While Other Kids Shine

By Dr. Michele BorbaThrivers Michele Borba

In her second book, Thrivers, Michele talks about the various factors that help some kids become successful.

Today’s kids are more likely to be successful than ever before. Unfortunately, they’re not as happy.

Although many factors can help kids become successful, some of the most important traits are also in common with those who succeed.

The book, now available in a paperback, explores these traits and helps educators and parents identify the things that will help their kids succeed.

  1. Social Justice Parenting: How to Raise Compassionate, Anti-Racist, Justice-Minded Kids in an Unjust World

By Dr. Traci Baxley

It’s also essential to raise responsible kids, as Baxley so brilliantly states. This is about creating a better society for everyone.

The changes society is going through now are happening because of the efforts of educated and socially enlightened kids.

  1. The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

By Ross W. Greene, PhD

Are you worried that your child is out of control and that they might respond to problems by screaming, crying, or hitting you? The explosive child by Ross Greene is a must-have for anyone who has tried everything else.

The practical and compassionate book will help you identify the steps you need to take to stop your child from developing destructive behaviors.

In The Explosive Child, Ross Greene explains how traditional discipline methods don’t work with kids with explosive behavior.

  1. Brain-Body Parenting: How to Stop Managing Behavior and Start Raising Joyful, Resilient KidsBrain-Body 

By Mona Delahooke, PhD

According to Dr. Delahooke, behavior is only a symptom, and we should stop parenting reactively and focus on the things that are important to our kids.

Managing our expectations helps us understand and empathize with our kids. It also allows us to develop effective ways to help them succeed.

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Traditions to Start With Your Kids in 2023

A tradition is a ritual that helps build a sense of identity and memories for your family. You can do it weekly or around specific events, such as holidays or birthday parties. Doing the same thing multiple times helps build a stronger bond with your family.

Families have unique memories, such as the hot car ride to the mountain cabin or vacation home. As we grow older and become parents, we can decide which will continue into our daily lives and holiday celebrations. Forming new traditions can also be beneficial.

New traditions can be fun to develop, and here are a few ideas to help you start.


Having the same meal each day of the week can be a great way to create continuity. Monday might be your son’s favorite dinner, and Wednesday is set aside for your daughter’s favorite. Maybe Sunday is pasta night, and grandma’s meatloaf on Thursday. Giving the meal a theme gives everyone something to look forward to and remember fondly in the future.


Gather all of the family members together and host a talent show. Everyone can showcase their talents by singing a song, running a certain distance, or displaying a drawing.


A fun activity for the whole family is to play “show and tell.” Each family member can bring one item to the dinner table, and they can share why it means something to them.


A regular family walk can be a great way to get outside and away from the screens. Do it early in the morning or at dinnertime, which can be a great way to exercise and spend time together. If your kids are young, a baby stroller is an excellent way for them to join in the fun.


Bedtime stories is a great way to build a strong bond with your children. It can also help boost their reading skills and promote social and emotional development.


A monthly Mommy/Daddy/Child date can be a great way to build a strong bond with your children. Each child gets to choose what they want to spend time doing as a family.


One of the most effective ways to build a strong relationship with your children is by regularly doing community service projects. This can help them become familiar with the project and its cause.


Set up a camp in front of the Christmas tree, where the kids can enjoy reading holiday stories and snacking on treats. In the morning, you can make Christmas tree shaped pancakes.  


You can also go shopping for the needy and help local organizations. During this time, the kids can learn the importance of giving to those who need help the most. It can be a different experience for them to choose toys that are not for them.


Make homemade treats for your neighbors and friends and deliver them. You can also make special stops at local police stations and fire departments.

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Making Meaningful Memories Over the Holidays

One of the most important things during the holiday season is spending time with your loved ones. This can be a great way to create lasting memories and make the holiday season memorable for everyone. Here are some ideas to create fond memories this year. 


Giving back to the community is a great way to make this season special for you and your loved ones. You can visit places you and your loved ones would like to help, such as a food bank or a hospital. 

The Mayo Clinic Health System has stated that volunteering can help an individual’s mental and physical health. It can also help with depression. Moreover, it can provide a great way to enjoy the holidays and give back to the community.


During the holiday season, have a fire and enjoy time with your loved one. While you snuggle by the fire, you can also play games. According to WebMD’s website, music therapy can help seniors feel less isolated and bright mood.

One of the most meaningful ways to pass the evening is to share happy stories. Your loved ones will likely have several interesting anecdotes they would like to tell you. Everyone can share their blessings for the year.


It’s the best time to take family photos because you already know where everyone will be during the holidays. If you can’t hire a photographer, you can use timers that you can set on your devices to capture photos without leaving anyone out. Recreating poses from childhood photos can also be a great way to reflect on the holidays.


You and your loved one can spend some time decorating for the holiday season. You can start by making a dining table centerpiece or decorating the Christmas tree. You can then hang holiday ornaments or create a nativity set. Have a craft day when you make stocking for each other.


The kitchen is the heart of the holiday season, as food is crucial to our memories. With all the preparation that goes into preparing a meal, it can be an excellent opportunity for you and your loved one to get together and share the experience.

The aroma of the food and the activity can create a memory, and your loved one will be able to enjoy helping you. Another way to create a lasting memory is to have everyone at the table together. This will allow them to feel included and provide a memory that will last forever.

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How to Travel Safely With Kids This Holiday Season

Anxious about traveling during the holidays? You’re not alone. Here are some of the questions parents are asking. Should I buy a refundable ticket? Should we stay home? Is it worth it?

Let’s assume you’re not staying home. You have a family to visit. Maybe a child who’s never met his grandparent. It’s worth it to make that introduction. It might be worth it for the memories you’ll store up during the holidays. 

Should We Self Quarantine?

According to the CDC, Individuals should stay home for at least seven days after being declared sick. 

Take Covid 19 Tests?

Economist Emily Oster, who writes about parenting and pregnancy in her book, ParentData, said that rapid testing is an excellent idea for traveling. She added that even if everyone in the group is vaccinated, having the test before and after they get to the airport can help prevent the spread of the illness.

Getting the test can also be challenging, especially since it’s only sometimes available at pharmacies. 

Who Can Hold the Baby?

Pediatricians suggest that all relatives wear a mask while holding the baby to keep the child healthy. Everyone should wash their hands properly. Go ahead and blame your doctor for making relatives do these things; they won’t mind. 


It’s hard to avoid people while you’re at the airport, for instance, as you queue up to get in line or wrestle a car seat into an overhead bin. However, a blanket or a protective shield can help keep your child away from masses of people.

It’s always better to avoid public transportation when traveling with an infant. 

Was it the Right Choice?

Think about your risk tolerance. It’s also easier said than done depending on the person you’re trying to protect. For instance, you may have a different risk tolerance for an older relative who is not vaccinated than for a young child who is healthy and has immunity from their mother.

Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when setting boundaries. Wherever your stance is, you should be able to stand up for yourself. It’s your right to keep your child safe.

Gifts Ideas for New Parents

During the holiday season, new parents can experience both the best and worst times. Whether they’re celebrating the birth of their child or preparing for the arrival of their new bundle of joy, this time of year can feel very different for them.

It’s natural to want to spoil the new baby in your family. However, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean you’re only shopping for the baby. Plenty of gifts will help new parents feel supported as they navigate their new life. Here are some suggestions.

Automatic Baby Rocker

New parents often spend a lot of time holding their newborn in their arms. However, after a while, it’s tiring. A baby rocker will help new parents get some rest. It can provide them with a break and allow them to get back to tasks.

A Meditation App Subscription 

It can be very challenging to become a new parent. However, with the help of a guided meditation app like Headspace, you can help new parents relieve their stress and get back to their regular routines. The practice will allow them to feel more grounded and relaxed.

A Couples Parenting Journal

When couples become parents, their relationship often takes a backseat. It’s a great idea to keep their romance alive. A couple’s parenting journal is filled with questions that couples can answer together.

A Meal Delivery Gift Card

It can be very challenging for new parents to prepare food for the family. A meal delivery gift card from a company such as Grubhub or Seamless can help new parents get food delivered to their homes. A local restaurant gift card is also a good alternative.

European Cheese Board

After nine months of abstaining, it’s time to give the mom what she really wants; a bottle of wine, cheese, or cold cuts. These items are usually off-limits during pregnancy, so a party featuring these foods can be a great way to celebrate the new arrival.

A Comfy Robe

A soft robe is an excellent choice for busy parents who want to keep themselves warm and comfortable after a quick shower. Go for midweight Turkish cotton, which is fast drying and comfortable.

A Stylish Nursing Cover

New moms may feel a bit uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. A good nursing cover can help ease the transition, allowing both the mother and baby to breastfeed peacefully.

A Manly Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are often criticized, but they can be a lifesaver for parents needing additional hands. A masculine belt bag can hold all the items they need while they keep the baby safe. 

Happy shopping!

Tips for Taking Your First Trip Without Your Child

Getting away, just the two of you, from time to time, is healthy for your marriage. It’s a good idea for parents to take vacations without their kids for a couple of days.

Some fears come with leaving your kids behind for any period of time.

You might even feel guilty about leaving them at home while you’re on holiday, but getting away is essential so you can recharge.

Although it’s normal to feel anxious about leaving your kids behind, it’s also important to remember that they’re at home and safe. 

Having a positive attitude about traveling can help ease anxiety.

During a trip, you can spend time doing things that we would never be able to accomplish with kids in tow. Some of these include walking through museums in foreign cities and leisurely dinners.

One of the essential factors to consider when it comes to adult-only travel is ensuring that your kids are with responsible adults whom you trust. 

Before you go

It’s important to talk to your kids about the plans for the trip. If they’re likely to be excited about staying with their grandparents or caregiver, tell them a few days in advance. But, if you suspect it will upset them or make them anxious, you can wait until the day of the trip to tell them. According to a psychologist, there’s no point in telling them too early as they might spend more time worrying or upset.

Even if your kids are a little upset, it’s great for them to see that their parents want to spend time together. 

A fun thing to try is asking your child to lend you one of their favorite toys. While you’re away, take photos with the toy in different cities and during fun adventures. This will make your child feel a part of the vacation. It’s a great way to include them while still getting your adult time together. Plus it will be fun for you too. 

Ultimately, it’s healthy for you to get away, and the kids need to know you can’t be with them every single day. It’s good for everyone in the house to learn and grow. 

Involving Your Children in Cooking for Thanksgiving

It can be easier to shoo kids away from the kitchen during the hectic Thanksgiving cooking process. However, besides being fun, getting young chefs involved in the cooking and baking of Thanksgiving meals can also take some of the work off of your plate.

Why Do It!

Participating in a special family meal can build their confidence and inspire them to be more self-sufficient. There are a variety of Thanksgiving recipes that kids can make.

Understanding that things can get a bit hectic during prep on Thanksgiving, make sure to set some time aside to prepare something together a day before the big day. They can learn a lot by getting involved in the cooking process.

One of the most bonding moments of the year is when the kids participate in the Thanksgiving feast. It’s a great way to spend time with their parents and share a special meal. The kitchen is a great place to grow and learn as a family.

Find some recipes to make a day or two ahead of time so that you can enjoy the Thanksgiving feast with your family. Here are some easy things little ones can help with before Thanksgiving. 

Kid Friendly Tasks

  • Washing vegetables like potatoes and carrots
  • Making a dip with sour cream and a soup packet. Use a big bowl to keep the dip inside, not on the floor, then let them stir to their hearts’ content. 
  • Rolling out dough for pies and cookies.
  • Baking cookies and being the official taster. 

On the Big day, let your child fill all the water glasses and place them on the table. Then they can fill the pitcher, so it’s ready to go with dinner. 

Mixing the ingredients for the stuffing is another excellent way they can help while you get the bird ready. 

Even the next day, children can help. All those leftovers need a lunch plan. Invite your child to help prepare a simple lunch, such as a grilled turkey sandwich with leftover cranberry sauce. 

What’s most important is the memories you’ll make in the kitchen on the holidays. Those will last a lifetime. 

Tips for Raising Your Family in a Big City

While cities can be expensive, growing up in a modest suburb can still provide some advantages. According to conventional wisdom, raising happy children requires a big house, a quiet neighborhood, and a safe car.

Have you noticed that many families raise their kids in cities instead of the suburbs? According to Leigh Gallagher, author of the 2013 book The End of the Suburbs, the growth of the urban population outpaced that of the suburban sector for the first time in over a hundred years in 2011.

Vishaan Chakrabarti, the author of A Country of Cities, believes that many people who moved to cities when they were young moved back to the suburbs in their 30s due to the quality of education and low crime. However, these factors are also changing in cities, and parks and schools have improved in many areas.

Here’s what you get in the City


People who live in large urban areas are more likely to have easy access to cultural attractions, such as ballet, opera, and symphony, as well as movie houses, historical landmarks, and museums. Take advantage of these wonderful learning centers. 

Less Carpooling

Most suburban parents don’t like the hours spent driving their kids to school, camp, or classes. In cities, parents allow their kids to ride public transportation starting at 11 or 12. This eliminates the need for them to rely on their parents as much and will enable them to develop a sense of independence. 

More Diverse

Cities allow children to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences, which increases tolerance and compassion. They’ll try new foods from their friends’ lunchboxes and gain new perspectives on the world.

Important Lessons

Explaining to a child why a homeless person is sleeping on the street is very distressing, but there are also many opportunities for growth and learning in these situations. 

No Commute

Cities allow families to spend more time with their kids, as they don’t have to commute as much. City dwellers often only commute a couple of miles. Doctors and other necessities are often within walking distance, and a car might be unnecessary. It’s great to get out and spend time talking or just walking with your family.


You can find artisanal ice cream or coffee at your local strip mall if you’re in the market. Although not every city center has the same food and drink options, the diversity of the offerings in any area is usually better than what you’ll find in the suburbs. Urban locations also have easy access to various stores and restaurants.

Managing Food Allergies Around Halloween

Many people dress up as their favorite characters from movies and costumes during the holiday season and head to the stores for candy and treats. However, for those with food allergies, the season can be frightening. Six of the most common food allergens are in high circulation on Halloween. These include wheat, milk, egg, and soy. Even small amounts of these can trigger an allergic reaction in kids.

Parents need to talk to their kids about food allergies to certain foods, such as candies and treats. They should also discuss strategies to prevent their kids from experiencing an allergic reaction while they’re at parties or trick-or-treating.

Check Labels

Avoiding eating sweets made in different facilities is also essential for kids with food allergies. This can be especially true for snack sizes and miniatures.

The FDA requires all food labels to list the sources of major allergens, such as milk, wheat, eggs, and soy. These labels should also include the common names of these allergens in bold. In April 2021, a law was passed that added sesame to the list of major food allergens in the US. This new law will require all food labels to include this ingredient starting in January 2023.

Some packaging also has a note that says “May contain,” followed by the name of the allergen. This is a better way to ensure that the products are labeled with the correct information. Although this method is voluntary, checking the ingredients list every time a product is purchased is essential. Since many bite-sized candies don’t have an ingredient list, it’s important to check other products’ ingredients online to ensure they’re safe for kids.

Connect with Neighbors

Some people may want to buy candies without worrying about harming kids having food allergies. However, they may not know what to look for when it comes to purchasing them. You can help by providing them with safe treats or telling them what to look for when it comes to buying sweets.

Learn About Teal Pumpkins

The Food Allergy Research & Education organization created the teal pumpkin campaign in 2014 to raise awareness about food allergies. It encourages people to place a teal pumpkin outside their homes to indicate that they have non-food treats that are safe for kids with food allergies.

Teach Kids to Ask First

For young kids with food allergies, it’s crucial to carry candy for them to avoid accidental contact. They should also learn to read the label before eating sweets or food. If unsure, teach them to throw or give the product away. A list of safe treats can help ease kids’ fears of food allergies. Educating your child on safety around their allergy is crucial.

Talk to Teachers

If your child’s class has a Halloween party, you can also play a vital role in preventing a dangerous allergic reaction. Before the event, talk to the teachers and ask them to help organize the party. You can also volunteer to bring a non-food treat.

Make a Plan for Unsafe Treats

Before the event, plan with your child about what to do after trick-or-treating if they get unsafe treats. For instance, instead of just taking away your child’s dangerous sweets, ask them to exchange them for toys or books.

Make Your Traditions

You can also host a costume party at your home instead of giving sweets. For instance, instead of sharing sweets, you can provide trick-or-treating kids with non-food treats such as glow sticks and fake mustaches.

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Setting a Consistent Bedtime Routine for Kids

Getting enough sleep is very important for a healthy and balanced life. It can help children develop their physical, emotional, and mental health. However, setting a consistent bedtime routine for children can also be very challenging. This is why it’s essential to establish a strategy to help your child get enough sleep.


One of the first steps to establishing a consistent bedtime routine is to remove electronic devices from your child’s bedroom. This will help prevent screen time and improve their sleep quality.

This strategy aims to establish a quiet and consistent bedtime routine for your child. This will allow them to develop good sleep quality and avoid screen time.


One of the most critical steps to establishing a consistent bedtime routine is to create a schedule that includes all the necessary steps. This can be done by having a visual plan that shows each step.

One of the most important factors to remember is that each child has a unique bedtime routine. Bathtime can be a relaxing experience for some, while others are more excited about it. You can also change it up later in the evening if it helps keep the child’s energy levels up.


Before setting a consistent bedtime routine, you must identify the areas where your child will be sleeping. If there are many toys and stuffed animals in the bedroom, it might be a problem. Limiting the number of these items can help prevent the child from playing when they should be sleeping.

If your child is afraid to go to sleep alone or doesn’t like the dark, you can use a spray bottle filled with water and a drop or two of calming lavender to help ease their anxiety. This will be part of their bedtime routine.


You should wait a few seconds before answering your child’s call. Give them a chance to fall asleep independently, and make the wait longer each time.

Before setting a consistent bedtime routine, you must establish a relaxed and comfortable environment for your child’s bedroom. A good, personalized bedtime routine can help children develop good sleep quality and avoid screen time. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is to stick to it as much as possible. This will allow you to see the results of your efforts in the long run.

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