End-of-Summer Activities for the Whole Family

As the summer months come to a close and children prepare their backpacks for a new school year, it can be quite the bummer for both parents and kids. However, just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean everyone has to be gloomy. The weather is still warm, so there’s still plenty of time to have some fun. Here are a few end-of-summer activities for the whole family.

Head Over to the Local Park

It may be too late for a long hiking trip, but there’s always time to take a walk at the park. Gather the whole family and head over to your favorite city park to enjoy some quality outdoor time. If you want to take that extra step to make it a lot more fun, you can even prepare a scavenger hunt for the kids.

Throw a Small-Scale Summer Bash

Who needs a ton of people to party? One of the best ways to celebrate the end of the summer months is to throw your very own end-of-the-season bash in your backyard. Set up the pool, play some games, and make some snow cones. This bash will be that cherry on top of the summer for your entire family.

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Five Recipes to Cook and Enjoy with Kids

Cooking with kids can be chaotic and messy. Still, it’s rewarding to pour effort into something the whole family can enjoy. Here are five fun meal ideas that both parents and kids will love to make and eat!


Provided that children are old enough not to poke themselves with the sticks, kabobs of any sort are fun to create and cook as necessary. There is no right or wrong way to assemble them, so kids can use their imaginations, and parents can encourage kids to try new foods by combining them on kabobs with beloved mainstays.

Meat kabobs can include a variety of meat and seafood ingredients or just one protein.

Fruit kabobs dipped in yogurt are a healthy, no-cook alternative.

English Muffin Pizzas

English muffin pizzas are super simple to create and a great way to give children more hands-on experience in the kitchen. Sauces, cheeses, meats, and vegetables are the condiments added to customize them. Pop them in the toaster oven for ten minutes, and enjoy some tasty homemade personal pizzas!



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4 Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year with Your Children

This school year has been tough for many families. Kids and parents alike deserve a reward for all the effort they put into continuing the school year while handling the stress of a global pandemic. Even though socially distancing families cannot invite friends over to celebrate the end of the year, there are many ways families can celebrate their children’s growth and achievements, academic and beyond.

Bake a Cake Together

Kids are never too young to learn to bake. Baking a cake is both educational and celebratory. The process teaches young children the real-world applications math and chemistry, with a delicious reward at the end. During the decorating process, kids can let their creativity shine, and in the end, the whole family can come together to celebrate their achievement.

Take Time to Remember

The end of the school year can be quite nostalgic. It is a chance for parents, teachers, and kids to look back and remember all the fun they had. Kids can embrace their nostalgia while creating a record of their learning by writing down their favorite moments. Children can embrace the learning experience by writing down the exciting things they learned that year. This activity helps them appreciate their time at school while simultaneously reviewing some of the material.



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Advice for Parenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has restructured family life across the globe. Children are participating in online education and many parents are working from home. Being uprooted from the familiar routines of everyday life can be disconcerting. Both adults and children have had to adapt. However, parenting during the coronavirus pandemic can go smoother by following the following practical tips.

Talk About What Is Happening

Children can be frightened by what they don’t understand. Explain to them what the virus is, and what measures the nation is taking to deal with it. Be open and listen to their questions. Be honest in your answers, but don’t overwhelm them with a lot of technical jargon. Keep it simple.

Stay In A Routine

A flexible and consistent daily routine will go a long way toward making your children feel stable and secure. Don’t fall into the trap of overachievement. Overplanning the day is as bad as having no direction. Balance the schedule for work and play. Encourage your children to be part of the planning process. They can help work out a schedule for schoolwork and chores. Allow them to pick a fun activity to do such as a board game, crafts, or enjoying a movie night as a family. Part of the daily routine should be exercised. Get outside for fresh air and sunshine as much as possible. Working in exercise each day will help manage stress and your child’s excess energy.

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10 Activities for Children on a Snow Day

As soon as the weatherman predicts a lot of snow, it’s usually followed by shouts of joy from children while grownups scramble to come up with plans to keep their kiddos engaged and entertained. Instead of turning snow days into TV marathons, there are plenty of activities that don’t involve a screen.

With a little planning, you can keep your children busy with numerous snow day activities. Here are 10 fun ways to combat snow day boredom and make it a day to remember!

Create an Obstacle Course

For an indoor obstacle course, gather some supplies like balls, pillows, books, empty toilet paper rolls, and other household items and map out your course. Make it challenging by having kids complete it with books on their heads or spinning around in circles before weaving through obstacles.

For an outdoor obstacle course, grab some items like hula hoops, scraps of wood, sleds or pool noodles and allow your kids to have fun using their imagination.

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Preparing Your Child For a Broadway Show

The New York theater scene is one of the world’s most famous, and the chance to see a show on Broadway is a lifelong dream for many. Children will especially delight in the incredible stage design, magnificent performances, and breathtaking ambiance of a live play or musical. Some children may even see a Broadway show and discover a passion for theater, going on to pursue careers in music, dance, acting or production. However, before surprising a child with a trip to Broadway, it’s important to prepare them for the experience.


Children may wind up not being as enthralled by a show as their parents would like. This can be disheartening, but the blow will lessen if you avoid exorbitant ticket costs. As an introductory experience, choose an affordable Broadway show that runs for no more than two hours, keeping an eye out for discounted or last-minute rush tickets.

Parents should choose a kid-friendly Broadway show that they can still enjoy; shows like Wicked and Frozen are filled with familiar stories and characters revitalized through the magic of Broadway.

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How to Help Your Children Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year’s resolution can be a fun and exciting way to introduce children to the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Experts believe that children can start as early as the age of seven with the act of formulating and following through on a New Year’s resolution. This mindful undertaking involves thought and determination that can help children learn to achieve larger goals as adults.

This activity can also be a bonding opportunity for families. By individually setting goals and collectively achieving them, children can learn from their parents’ example. Through leading by example, parents can teach children that it’s important not only to expect great things, but also to work towards them. Many parents find the SMART method for setting goals to be helpful. SMART stands for specific, motivating, attainable, relevant, and trackable.

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Five Holiday Snacks Your Kids Will Love

I don’t know about you, but indulging in sweet treats is something I look forward to during every holiday season. There’s something about those yummy pies, frosted cookies, and other sugar-filled snacks that makes them hard to pass up. But if you have little ones to feed, it’s important to take the extra step in ensuring they are eating snacks that are on the healthier side. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable and healthy snacks that you and your kids can enjoy around the holidays!

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A History of Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is gearing up for its 72nd annual toy collection, which according to its website will occur in over 800 communities across the 50 states.

Humble Beginnings

The Toys for Tots program was started in 1947 by Bill Hendricks of the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR), with a handmade doll serving as the first toy donation. The goal of the program is simple; to bring Christmas joy by delivering toys to children whose parents cannot afford gifts. From 1947 to 1979, new and used toys were collected and distributed. Used toys were refurbished on weekends by reservists during the months of October, November, and December. However, from 1980 through the present, only new toys have been collected.

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Thanksgiving Dishes Kids will Enjoy

Thanksgiving is fast-approaching, and now is a good time to plan some kid-friendly dishes to accompany the roasted turkey. Kids can be fussy when it comes to Thanksgiving appetizers, sides, and desserts. Some traditional holiday dishes just seem foreign to kids who love their nuggets, macaroni & cheese, and pizza. Let’s explore some dishes that kids might be enticed to try this holiday season!

Appetizer Platter

Children love to snack. There’s just something about bite-sized foods that makes their stomachs growl. To accommodate this, you can set out a large cutting board with a variety of healthy appetizer bites for kids to choose from. Place this on a low table in the playroom to make it just for the kids, since the adults will be enjoying some wine, cheese, and crackers. Foods to include on the kid board are seedless red grapes, apple slices, baby carrots, mildly flavored cheese cubes, mini pepperoni rounds, and oat bran pretzel twists. Homemade ranch dressing is a perfect dip that most kids will enjoy, so be sure to offer up some of that as well!

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