9 Steps to Effective Parenting

Effective parenting is not a formula; it is an art. But anyone can learn from the science of child development. There are patterns in how different children develop patterns in how they respond to different kinds of parenting.

Be Consistent with Discipline

The key here is to set limits and be consistent with those limits. This will give children the structure they need to learn self-control, respect for authority, and a sense of right and wrong.


A child will base his feelings of self-worth on those he gets from his parents. If the child feels loved, accepted, he will feel a sense of security in the world that will help him develop a strong sense of self-worth.

Accept They Are Not Perfect

Accept that kids will never be perfect. Perfect parents give their child everything they never had themselves and then are appalled when the child turns out to be rebellious.

Make Time

Try to take some time for each child every day. One should find enjoyable things like reading a book, going to a park, playing checkers, watching TV.

Be a Role Model

Someone should be a good role model for a child by demonstrating positive emotions and behavior. Try to be calm and remain in control at all times. One can help the child by expressing feelings positively, such as sadness or anger, but not aggressively.


The best way to be a successful parent is to prioritize communication. Children are always watching, and they will use the parent’s example. This means that people should talk to their children as often as possible and resolve conflict with them at the earliest moment.

Unconditional Love

A child who feels unconditionally loved has the strength to make that transition from childhood to adulthood. They can explore life with the courage and confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, as long as he is honest and constructive, the parent will always be there for them.

Notice what They Are Doing

Somebody has to make sure that someone will notice every time kids do something wrong. And also hope that every time they’re being good, they know they are being seen and pleased with them.

As a Parent, Know the Limitations

If a person wants to be a good parent, one has to know their own needs and limitations. If a parent has a job they love and feel fulfilled by, someone needs to ask themselves if they are willing to give up some of that fulfillment to be a good parent.

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