What is Attachment Parenting?

There are many different ways to raise a child, and you’ll find that learning about the various types of parenting styles helps you start to develop a plan that works for your family. The core basis of attachment parenting is taking actions that help to cultivate a nurturing relationship between you and your child. Exploring how this works gives you more insight into whether or not this style works best for you.

What Are the Main Principles of Attachment Parenting?

There are eight main principles of attachment parenting that you’ll want to follow if you prefer to use this style completely. Attachment parenting begins even before you get pregnant and continues with breastfeeding to help create a secure attachment. As your child grows, you’ll incorporate other principles of this style, such as treating your child with respect and using loving, positive discipline.

What Challenges Come Up With This Parenting Style?

While the results of this parenting style are worth it, you’ll find that you may encounter particular challenges that make it harder to adhere to all of the principles without making a few changes. For example, some parents find it harder to cultivate a firm attachment when their child has multiple caregivers throughout the day or needs to go to another parent’s home for visitation. Fortunately, other parents have helped pave the way for meeting these challenges.

How Has Attachment Parenting Changed Over the Years?

In recent years, families have found ways to overcome some criticism and challenges that arise with this parenting style. Parents who worry about SIDS may choose to have their child sleep in the same room but use a different bassinet or bed. You may also ask your child’s other caregivers to use similar strategies, such as responding quickly to your baby’s cry rather than letting them cry it out.

As with all parenting topics, you’ll find that there are varying ways to implement this style. The most important thing is to make sure that you are consistent and choose to use the principles that work best for you — at the end of the day, helping your child develop a secure attachment to you as a parent helps them grow and develop over the years.

Article originally published on JenniferPowersNYC.medium.com

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